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We accept donations of most medical, dental, opthalmology, and veterinary equipment. Please call about any other donations.

You may also donate to Haiti Vision 3, Inc, a non-profit, at:

Mail checks to:
Haiti Vision 3, Inc.
PO Box 1140
Argyle, Texas 76226

PayPal donations.

You can also use credit cards to donate thru paypal.

To donate your equipment or supplies you can submit your information in two ways:

We will assist with any logistics or de-install issues. While it is not required, we do ask that you offset the transportation fees to our warehouse to assist us in keeping our overhead as low as possible.


1- Your equipment is submitted to us for evaluation and the de-install and transportation is arranged.

2-If required, we can provide or recommend companies to conduct an appraisal for your tax purposes. If the value is over $5,000, this is typically required. Please consult your tax professional for your particular situation.

3-After equipment is received, a letter of acknowledgement of the received items is processed for you records.

4-Items are inventoried, tested, and prepared for marketing by us or one of our asset liquidation partners.

5-After the sale, the net proceeds are returned to the 501c3 for ministry use.


Reasons to Donate Your Equipment

Why Donate?
When donating to you will get the tax deduction. All equipment donated is used in our assistance program to help the underprivileged with their needs.

Helping Those In Need:
When you donate your used equipment you are doing more than ridding yourself of that old equipment that’s just sitting in your way, you are helping the underprivileged get an education, buy food, and survive the daily grind of poverty and to save lost souls for Jesus.

It’s Super Easy!
You can either donate online by completing our simple donation form, upload our mobile APP, or call us. Working or not, we will take it if it is still usable. We help you schedule your shipping when you call us to donate, but of course you are welcome to deliver or ship to our location, which helps offset our operational costs.

You Benefit:
Forget the time consuming task and money demanding hassle of selling your equipment. When you donate, we will take care of the rest. Just fill out our online donation form or call us. Your tax deduction paperwork will be mailed to you in just a few short days of receiving your donation.

You Get To Choose:

When donating your equipment, you have the option to choose any 501(c)(3) recognized school, church or organization that you choose, and we will do our best to donate all, or a portion, of the proceeds to your cause. All you need to do is to provide us with the charities name and contact information and we will take it from there!